Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hmm... Diwali is over... I spoke to my bro today when I came to know he couldnt go home because of IIT entrance preparation.

Me: Hi... Happy diwali. How was your day?
Him: Diwali is today? I thought it was yesterday. Mom and Dad also wished me today. Maybe it is today.
Me: P is not letting them call us. According to her, she should get their undivided attention... Anyway, what did you do today and yesterday?
Him: I woke up in the morning... studied.. had lunch... went out... had dinner... will study now. What about you?
Me: I watched a movie yesterday. Working on assignments today and tom.
Him: LOL... so, you are having a bad diwali too... good... we are sukh-dukh ke saathi
Me: Yeah... you can say that again. Did you burst crackers yesterday?
Him: I was in the hospital last night.
Me: What? What happened?
Him: We went for Diwali puja with this uncle to a chemical factory. There was Chlorine gas leak. We could smell it when we were leaving. We left in a car, so it was not that bad and went to the uncle's relative and a doctor checked us out. We were taken to the hospital and given oxygen masks. I returned in the morning. A reporter from Rajathan Patrika came to click our pictures. Apparently, 2 people died.
Me: What? Are you ok? Did you tell Mom?
Him: I dont want to trouble her. She will come here and I know she needs to be at home right now.
Me: What if something would have happened to you? How would we know? You should have told mom. I hope you are fine now.
Him: Yeah, yeah... I am fine. Dont worry
Me: Hey, forget about this diwali. I promise you the best diwali next year. We will blow up the house with crackers... Ok? I am waiting to see you this weekend.
Him: Blowing up the house is a bad idea... Mom will throw us out.
Me: Then we will bug Mom and Dad...
Him: Maybe... but when we meet, I will bug you... you are the shortest among the 3 of us. Hehehhe. You have to respect us.
Me: You both bug me since we were kids... I am used to it by now... anyway, take care... and do tell Mom about this... she will murder you for keeping it from her. You could have told dad atleast, he is a doctor after all
Him: I am fine... and I will tell mom later. If you mention this to her, you are gone.
Me: I promise I will not tell her anything. Dont worry

When did my bro grow up? When did he mature so much? N I have been cribbing about being alone. I am glad he is fine... but the thought of him being alone in the hospital is killing... I mean, none of us can see him sad or down... When he had joined the hostel with me, he would cry out of home-sickness.. I was supposed to console him, but seeing him like upset me so much; even I would burst into tears. I have never been a good elder sis.
Alls well that ends well.