Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Me: Why are you not taking my call?
R: I dont feel like it
Me: whats that supposed to mean?
R: I dont feel like talking right now
Me: why not? why dont you tell me whats bothering you?
R: there is no point... I am busy
Me: stop lying... I just dont get it... why dont you talk to me?
R: I dont want to discuss anything
Me: tom you will say "I dont want to meet you"
R: I dont know about tom
Me: thats the point... I hate you.... go f*** yourself


Me: why are you not taking my call?
R: I asked you not to call me for atleast 2 days
Me: why not? I want to talk to you... too bad, I am addicted....
R: I must appreciate your persistence
Me: Thanks... So, whats wrong?
R: I dont want to talk about it
Me: Ok.... you have 2 options: dont talk to me or talk to me.
If you dont talk to me, I will resent it, nothing will get resolved... when you want to talk again, I will hold a grudge... we will fight again and it will go downhill from there.
If you talk to me, I will know exactly what is bothering you... we will discuss it and find a middle path more or less acceptable to both of us... and resolve the issue...
The decision is upto you... but do keep in mind the consequences. You will be the only one responsible for them.
You there???
R: Yes... Lady, you are one smart ass....
Me: Me??? C'mon, I am innocent. I was just being my same-old-practical self
R: Damn... I was soo soo soo mad at you... and now I am not
Me: Yippie!!!

Have I evolved?