Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lappie in coma
So, my lappie has gone for repairs... they will cost me a bomb but I am extending my warranty... after this, I will not be spending on any repairs for the next 2 years. This is what Kadu had to say when I told him all that happened:
" feel like kicking your ass, real hard

Why didnt you take back-up? I am used to taking back-ups every 3 months, besides, i also keep a back-up in my room-mates' lappies. Another back-up has been left at home comp and yet another with R.

No in one monmet you cant loose it all. You will have to weave a complex web (...common you are used to doing that...) such that no mater how many calamities come simultaneous or frequently, something is left behind.

Its like keeping a lot of cash in seven differnet pockets to keep it from getting stolen on a mumbai-local. Yes it all sounds like gyaan, but even if now on you be careful, it will help you in the long run."
Yeah, stupid stupid me... but last year, I had saved all my photos on a cd. One fine day I was browsing through them in the morning. When I checked them out again in the evening, one folder was missing. I had not saved it on my desktop or even mailed them to my friends. The folder was just gone... into thin air. I lost all faith in cds after that... so, I have not taken back up.
I was thinking of all the items gone and how I will get them back:
  • Photos: I have uploaded most of them on yahoo photos... in the past few months, I have been regularly mailing them to lolo... so, this should not be a problem. Will get all of them back.
  • Songs: I have back up of all the hindi songs... but the latest ones are lost. My collection of around 2000 english songs is gone. It will require a lot of effort borrowing them from people... but it is manageable. This time I will organize them in proper folders.
  • Software: This will have to be downloaded from the net. Not a big problem...
  • TAPMI folder: This is the most imp folder that I have lost. It contained my research paper... cvs... important docs... summer project report and data. I think I might have back ups of some of them in gmail somewhere... but I will have rummage through around 500 mails and check them out.

But this gives me a chance to begin all over again. I still remember the first time I touched my lappie. I had taken it to Bug' s house and slowly and steadily with fingers shaking with anticipation we peeled off the covers. After that every night (we had exams going on during the day) was spent with the lappie... we visited restraunts with wifi and sipped one cup of coffee for hrs while downloading... I remember one incident. We downloaded scrabble... and then played it for hrs at home. We cheated in every game and won it... We were so proud of ourselves...

I guess, it is time to let go.. to move on. Maybe this happened for a reason... I have to move away from one bank to reach the other bank... I have been floating in the middle for quite sometime now and finally, it is over... even the memories are gone. It is time for a fresh start... and it should reflect my new life... Hmm.... interesting. I am right... everything happens for a reason and we know the answer to our "Why me?" only after it is over... then all the pieces fall into place.