Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yippie!!! My sis has arrived in India... but she did not call me. Right now she is at her sasuraal and all puffed up with anger and hurt, I gave her a call.
Me: Hello, can I speak to Pearl?
P: Speaking... who is this?
Me: You... mgb (our sindhi slangs... cannot put them here)... you called every person on this planet and told them about your arrival... but u did not call me
P: yeah, I know... i dont care about u... thats why you are not coming home to meet me... we have to come to meet you
Me: c'mon... i begged and begged but did not get the persmission...
P: anyway... i think you will incur a huge bill. We will come to meet you soon. Then you will inflate the bill by 200% and ask dad for money
Me: that is true. I will tell them that you kept on talking and wouldnt stop. It cost me 500 bucks...
P: hahahahha... I will call you when I get home
Me: ok... bye.

Usually when people come to know I can cook, their reaction is "U can cook!!!"... umm, yep I can cook. I am very independent... so, I do not expect anyone to cook for me... But this is how I learned to cook.
Mommy: Every girl should be able to cook.
P: why?
Mommy: you will have to cook for your hubby someday
P: what if he can cook? we can always employ a maid
Mommy: the taste of the food cooked by you is different... maids will not be able to cook ghar ka khana....
P: that is ok.. we will order from outside
Mommy: look, as a mother it is my respnsibility to teach you to cook.... after marriage, if u dont want to cook... it is upto you
P: i hate to cook

Hmm... I smelled opportunity.... if i wanted to get into Mommy's good books... cooking was the way to go. My sis started coaching me. Initially, she was very pleased. All the dirty work was given to me... she hated to make chappatis.. so, I was made to do it. A scene from those days:
Me: how big should i cut the aloos?
P: make them big enough...
Me: big enough for you or for me?
P: what?
Me: I mean... we both a different definition of "big enough". what if i think they are "big enough" but u dont think so?
P: you are so so so irritating
Me: yeah... I know... hehehhehe. How much salt should I add?
P: use ur instinct
me: what? tell me the exact amount.... in spoons
P: make that 2 spoons
me: which spoon should i use, this big one or smaller one or this smallest one.
P: mommy... take her away... she is so so so irritating. I dont have the patience to teach her.

Well, despite all the barriers.. I learned to cook. My parents have had to eat a lot of bad chappatis, salty veg, burned papads... but they have always been supportive.... specially Dad:
Me: dad, how is the food?
Dad: it is good
Me (tasting it): but the veg is a little too salty
dad: yeah, but that is ok. I m sure next time you will add less salt
me: i m not sure this is completely edible
dad: no no... it is ok
me: you want me to cook something else?
dad: no no .... it is ok. i will have milk
me: sure? i can make something
dad: na na... it is ok
me: wat do u want me to cook for lunch tom?
dad: why dont you ask the maid to cook till mom is out? less work for you
me: but i like to cook... and i dont have anything else to do anyway... i dont cook well, right? (in tears now)
dad: not at all, u r a fabulous cook. and these things happen... that is how you learn. cook your fav veg macaroni for me tom... ok?
me: yippie!!!

During my hostel days... I would hang out at Harry's place... she had to cook dinner since both her parents are working and usually come home late.
Me: hey Harry.. let me cook. I have not eaten mere haath ka khana in quite sometime
Harry: cool with me... go ahead
So, I would cook pulav and her family loved it. This is what here sis khushi had to say
K: hey, bul.. why dont you come home everyday?
Me: want me to cook for you, huh? you mean, selfish b****
K: hehehehehe
Me: dont forget.. i could add anything in your food... dont piss me off

I miss home...