Sunday, October 22, 2006

So, it is A1's B'day soon. A2 and I have been brain-storming on what to get her.

Me: How about shoes? She loves shoes
A1: She just bought new ones
Me: Skirts? She has a weakness for them
A1: Umm... she has loads already
Me: How about speakers for her laptop?
A1: Just 'coz you like speakers does not mean everyone else likes them too.
Me: How can anyone not want speakers? I will ask her discretely
A1: Lets get her a belt... a huge one..
Me: Ms. Fashion Designer, we have to get a gift for her; not for you. Waise, when is her b'day?
A1: Dont know... I think 2 more weeks to go
Me: Hmm.... No problem. I will definitely receive a b'day reminder or check it on orkut... warna, uski roomie jab cake layegi, we will know. We are so smart... hehhehehhee.

Yesterday, we decided we would get her something... but what? Finally, we thought we would leave the ball in her court.

Me: Ok mam... what do you want for your b'day? Do you want shoes?
A2: No
Me: Skirt?
A2: No
Me: Speakers?
A2: No
Me: A1's wierd belt?
A2: No
Me: Then what?
A2: I dont know... lemme think

But, God of Shopholics came to our rescue. A2 could not resist buying another pair of shoes...

Aah, women and shoes have such a deep bond. Have you ever been to a shop and the stuff there has made you go weak in your knees... you want to stay there forever? I feel like that (and most of the women do) when I see pretty and dainty shoes... with heels and straps...

I love window shopping.... There was a time when Honey and I went to this really posh shop called Kenzer at A'bad. It is quite expensive and the collection is damn good. I just needed to purchase a top which I had already selected... but I needed someone else's stamp of approval (women tend to get others stamp of approval while purchasing something... ).
Honey: Look at those pretty skirts... I wish I could wear those. But I hate my legs
Me: Try them on... what if they look good? You can buy them
Honey: hmmm... ok

We went on a trial spree... tried on almost everything... It felt good... and nope, we didnt purchase anything except the pre-selected top.

Thats why women prefer shopping with women... only a woman can understand... will a man ever sit patiently and appriase every top the lady is going to try on when she has no intention of buying it? Nope... never...