Friday, October 13, 2006

Here is a situation:

It is a beautiful morning and you have been working on your assignment since 6 am. When you are fianlly done, you leap out of your (study) bed and rush towards your bucket. Now you can finally take that bath... but before that, you really have to brush your teeth. Even you can smell your mouth. But guess what; you are out of toothpaste and your rommie is out, so you cannot borrow hers. You have been postponing this purchase for days now. No more. You decide to go to the campus stores and buy it now itself. You get dressed and are about to leave, when you realise you have no money. Thankfully, the ATM is in the campus itself. You are walking towards the ATM. As you are about to reach, you remove your ATM card and it slips from your hand and falls into the gutter below. The gutter is covered with concrete. There are slits at intervals but they are too small for you to put your hand through and remove the card. You think of applying for a new ATM card but that could take ages since you stay in a hostel far far away from home. Your local bank is in a village and is not connected through the network to the rest of India; which means your Dad will have to get you a new card.

What do you do: try and remove the card from the gutter (options: break the concrete with your head or pray for a miracle to happen)
try and get a new ATM card (your Dad will have to get it which means all his doubts about your stupidity will be confirmed).

You can generate your options too... lack of information cannot be used as an excuse. This is all there is to it.... Please give practical and feasible options... extra points for creativity.