Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is how my conversation went yesterday:

R: Hi. What are you specialising in?
Me: Marketing
R: And?
Me: Core marketing. You have taken core HR.. right?
R: Yeah
Me: I just realised how every subject is inter-linked. It begins with the consumer (consumer behavior), if it is an industrial good (b2b marketing), the strategy is different... services are provided for all products (services marketing)... the channel is created depending on the consumer behavior (distribution mgmt)... products are sold in retail outlets (retail mgmt)... brands are launched by companies (brand mgmt) which is done based on market research data (advanced marketing research). If even one course is not taken, there is a break in the chain. Thats why I have taken up all marketing courses. It will give me the entire perspective and better understanding about every aspect related to marketing.
R: I totally agree with you.