Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There are 2 kinds of people:
1) People who dont give a damn about their weight.
2) People who give a damn about their weight

How often have you heard the remark; "You have gained/lost weight".
Now, if I dont care, this remark means nothing at all... it just irritates me. I am like; "I dont care what you think. Keep your opinions to yourself"

If I care, I am like; "I know that. Why the hell do you want to remind me about it?"
The most amazing thing is how these remarks are always from someone who doesnt even remotely have the "perfect" figure.

Number of times I have listened to the song "Listen to my heartbeat" by Bombay Vikings within an hour: 5 times....
Number of times I intend to listen to the above song/day: atleast 10 times....
Yeah, I am addicted.