Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The other day Kadu was removing his frustration on me:

Kadu: I dont get it. You know all guys are creeps, then why complain? You girls have a definition about creeps... for you, creeps=guys. I mean, is it my fault I am made this way. How can you expect me to change? For you girls; practical, sex, unemotional, selfish etc is bad.... then I am bad. What can I do about it???

This got me thinking. Have women (specially the feminists) defined creeps as guys, so that they can pretend to be victims and make guys feel guilty about being who they are?
Are we (women) that smart???
I was reading a book on Godhra riots... I was in A'bad when they occurred. I had seen people burning the shops (I was stupid enough to be out on the streets that day) and was shocked to my very core to read about the inhumanity. How can human beings be so inhuman? I just dont get it. I stopped reading half way... could not go on... it was too terrible. And to think that all this happened in one of my fav places... A'bad.
I have stopped reading books on partition, I cannot come to terms with the fact that normal humans are capable of such cruelty and insanity.
All the time, I have people around who try to change me... I know it happens with everyone. I am not perfect and I dont want to be. Who do I trust? The traits I am expected to imbibe are the ones present in the one who is demanding the change from me. What if I do not want to be like him/her? What if I want to lead my life in a different manner? What makes people such an expert on others? If only they knew what others think about them. We are all in the same boat... at the end of the day you are as popular/unpopular, have as many friends/enemies, are as much respected/disrespected as I am... So, why should I change? I have changed, but only on the basis of the feedback of people I trust and they are few and far between... People who have no ulterior motives for changing me... People who are not advising me so that I may become more like them. I am going to be just the way I am... and I am the only one who is going to decide what needs to be changed.