Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I fainted with happiness yesterday when I heard this:
Me: A1, what classes do we have tom? I have misplaced my schedule
A1: Here it is... how many classes do we have tom?
Me: Umm... I think something is wrong with my eyes... we dont seem to have classes tom
A1: WHAT???????? You sure? Not possible, yaar... Ohmiod!!! No classes tom... lets celebrate.

Yeah... 2nd day of no classes... I have been listening to hindi pop songs on all morning. Some of my favorites are:
  • Mausam by Mehnaaz... I think this is her best song
  • Raat Shabnami by Asha Bhonsle.... I love, love, love this song
  • Oova oova by Anaida... The video is too song, Atul Agnihotri looks hot
  • All songs by Viva... I really like their songs
You wont believe the song I am listening to right now: Chaloo girl by Devang Patel. It is spoof on songs like Barbie girl and Mambo No 5. Devang Patel is a hot fav in Gujarat. During my cultfest in 3rd year of engg, I was a part of the design team and was aware of the plans for the cultfest. The committee was trying to rope in Purple Rain for a performance. Guess who actually performed: Devang Patel... thankfully, I had not turned up for cultfest... I was spared the torture. Miss my college days... Life was good... you could do anything you wanted... Nothing was impossible. We walk in class half hour late... bunk all the boring classes... waited for the geeks to finish assignments so that we could copy them... made glass copies of all sheets... except in the final semester, I have glass copied every sheet of mine... Aah, how I have changed now... or, have I? If I was to go back to college... I would do these again... so, I guess deep down I am still the same.... and will always be.