Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I met Khushi in school. She used to be my best friend's (Harry) irritating younger sis. At times, I had to compete with Khushi for Harry's attention. She is just 2 years younger to me. We became friends 2 yrs back... both of us were taking CAT and we got close. I used to spend a lot of time at her house... and started liking her... Some things about her:
  • She is the most talkative person I know... I mean, I know a lot of people who talk a lot... but nobody, absolutely nobody can beat her.
  • Is one of the most bubbly people I know... she loves to laugh and her giggles can be heard miles away
  • Is superficial.. oh yeah, she is too superficial for words... but innocent at the same time. The combo is irresistible.
  • Has a good heart... she does not play games or politics...
  • Is a good flirt.... She has a new crush almost everyday... and she likes to describe each one in detail.
  • She is smart, good-looking, insensitive (yeah yeah... she aint the sensitive kinds), sensible...
This is how it goes:
Khushi: And he is so so cute... we give each other looks... but while working, I pretend like I am not aware he is around..
Me: wait, who is this guy? I thought you like that guy in coll
Khushi: Oh oh... he is not around right now... c'mon... this is my new crush
Me: Ok, how many crushes are you having? I have only 5 mins... you better finish your story soon
Harry: and then they he asked her out... and she said she is busy
Khushi: what is wrong with you? I am supposed to tell her... IN DETAIL
Me: Hehehhe... Harry, how many times have you heard this story already?
Harry: This is the 5th time...
Khushi: So? You have to hear it again... yeah, so this is what happened.... blah blah blah

Why a post dedicated to her? 'Coz she is going through some crap in her life... and I feel protective about her... she can make me laugh... make my life simpler... she is like a younger sis and I cannot see her sad... I cannot see tears in her eyes... she is too special for that.