Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some unanswerable questions:
  • Why is that some of the most perfect things in our life suddenly seem so imperfect?
  • Why do we never forgive the people who are not around when we really need them?
  • Why is there no limit to our expectations?
  • Why are we most vulnerable when we can least afford to be?
  • What if everything you have been working for is actually not worth it?
  • How do you move on (something you have been trying to do for 1.5 yrs) finally and not realise it?
  • How does the most important person in your life become the most unimportant?
  • Why all the questions... why all the loneliness... why all the sentiments ???

On my jukebox: Listen to my heartbeat by Bombay Vikings.... 6 years back when this song was released, I used to play it over and over and over again for days... How things have changed since then. Hmm... and again it has cheered me up... Aah, the power of music.