Friday, November 03, 2006

Hi... Got no time!!!

Got no time to eat,
Got no time to sleep,
Got no time to think,
Got no time to dream,
Got no time for friends,
Got no time for enemies,
Got no time for acquantainces,
Got no time for family,
Got no time for me,
Got no time for you,
Got no time for blogging.

Yeah... I am buzzy... too many classes; too many assignments; sleep is a luxury I cannot afford; every time friends buzz me, I reply "Busy... :( "

Tempers are running high, frustration levels are increasing.... placements are looming ahead... There is one question in everyone's mind: "Has it been worth it?"
Have the 1.5 yrs been worth all that I have lost? Do I need MBA to enter corporate life? What has been the value addition? Will I get placed? Will I get the job I seek?

A week back I had the following conversation:
Me: I dont get it, people with work ex are supposed to be more mature.
R: Why do you expect so much from work ex people? What difference does work ex make?
Me: Loads... See, when freshers enter MBA, for them it is just like college life. They make mistakes, screw up and then realise that MBA is more like corporate life and not college life. People with work ex have had a taste of corporate life. I expect them to set an example for freshers to follow... excepting a few people, work ex people are more shitty than freshers. Freshers are allowed to make mistakes, work ex people are not.
R: That is very biased... work ex makes no difference...

The ones who preach are the ones who dont practice it... Were the changes I brought in myself required at all? Was I better off earlier? What if I do not get placed in the company of my choice, will these 1.5 yrs be worth it? Have I learned anything that my job will not be able to teach me?

Questions... questions... I have to wait for little more than a month for the answers.

Forgive me if you have come to my blog expecting a new post and dont find it... I miss blogging too, but kya karen... work beckons!!!

I miss my sleep... I am not one of those lucky people who can catch 40 winks in class... No matter how hard I try, I cannot sleep in class... doze yes, but sleep no....

The book "The Goal" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt is my constant companion these days... I am reading it for the 2nd time... Last time I read it, I didnt know what bottlenecks, throughput etc were... I am enjoying it all the more this time.

Why cant we erase some events from our life and start anew? Till I was in school, I kept shifting every few years and never had to deal with the consequences of my actions... they never followed me. Have I become so used to running away and never had the time to learn how to deal with things? Are things even worth dealing with? Why should I waste my time and energy over events and people who are not at all important to me? I believe that a crack in the mirror can never be undone.... why put in efforts then? If something/someone loses its/their significance in my life, I walk out.... dont care about the consequences, dont care about the people hurt, dont care about responsibility...

If I ever get bored of blogging, I will stop.... I wont give a thought to anything or anyone else except what I want... Live for yourself, the rest will follow... The only way to be happy is to make yourself happy. If making someone else happy, makes you happy... go ahead, do it. But dont ever sell yourself short... nobody worth that much.

Yenjoy, while I try and catch my 40 winks. Forgive me for not reading your blogs and posting comments... I will catch up on them next week, for sure.