Tuesday, November 14, 2006

After spending 1.5 yrs in a B-school I can smell a person's specialisation:

Finance guys:
The geeks... the hardworkers... they have their head buried in books all the time. They are the silent ones, the uncool ones... they work, work and work... Believe in minding their own business and are the most helpful ones. Any added assignment, specially in fin, cheers their life.

Marketing guys:
The talkers... the cool ones... they believe they can get away with anything and they usually do. They talk their way out of situations... Kotler is their guru. Nothing is impossible for them. Assignments??? Haa... no hurry, whats are last moments for?

HR guys:
The politicians... loved by everyone... they have the right things to say. The girls are usually pretty, know how to use their charms and talk well. They love people and have a soothing presence. Trust? Well, do that at your own peril.