Monday, October 09, 2006

Yes.. Yes... I took the plunge. I watched the much criticised movie... KANK. Well, I hate to admit it but I liked it (except the last part). Here is why:

A happy man who loved football... that was his life and passion. Intially, he resented the fact that his wife kept busy; but football kept him happy and alive. Then he lost it all... He hated everyone, he was angry all the time, he lost a part of himself... Even his son didnt live up to his expectations. He didnt know what to do... He had changed and nothing, absolutely nothing made him happy. He didnt love his wife anymore... she didnt understand him... she was too busy... He hated the fact that she earned more than him. Bascially, he was a failure.

Hmm... one confused female. She had 2 roads: one that led towards compromise and another towards endless wait. Being practical and sensible, she chose the former... She had nothing in common with her hubby... to the point that she was not even attracted to him. She felt trapped and didnt know how to leave...

Beautiful, smart, ambitious, confident... the man in the family. She loved her family but had her priorities all wrong. She didnt understand the change in her hubby and by the time she did notice it; it was too late. She loved him immensely but a relationship cannot survive on love alone. It needs to be given time... and time was what she didnt have.

He was completely crazy about his wife; but he didnt understand her. It wasnt his fault, they were too different and even though he kept trying hard... it wasnt working. Something was missing somewhere and he couldnt figure out what it was. Maybe a baby would have bridged the gap, but that wasnt happening. He liked to have fun and party while his wife liked to talk (minus the sweet talk). He didnt understand her loneliness.

I loved the fact that there is so much gray in the movie... boundaries between right and wrong are so blurred. Is it wrong to live in that moment even though you know it will hurt some one very close to you? Is it wrong to be happy at the cost of somone else? Cheating is wrong... and no excuse is good enough to justify it. I liked that Rhea and Rishi walk out on their spouses. My fav part is when Maya and Dev dont get together... how can they? Their relationship was born out of lies and betrayal. I hated the end... life is not that simple... thankfully.

Yep, I appreciate Karan Johar for having made this movie. I like it and I love the songs...