Sunday, October 08, 2006

This is how my conversation went yesterday:

R: Hi, I need your help.
Me: Sure, bolo.
R: We need someone to edit the compendium for blah blah blah. Will you do it?
Me: Sure...
R: You will receive due acknowledgement
Me: Cool
R: But then you are so gr8, acknowledging you for something this minor work will be like insulting you... so, no acknowledgement
Me: Ok, no problem. I will still do it.
R: Why?
Me: because I like the work... I am not doing it for credit but for the work
R: Do you always work for the sake of working?
Me: Only for the kind of work I enjoy doing... I dont give a damn about the credit then.
R: Hmm... During the placements, we will all know who gives a damn about what
Me: Very true
R: We may say these things now, but when a company (which we do not want to get into right now) pays us a bomb, our principles will go down the drain.... I am even talking about myself here.
Me: I am pretty sure about myself... but you are right... We never know. There will be people who will crib even if they get a good job, some who will flaunt their good jobs in front of the less fortunate, some who will too happy to have been placed at all (like me), some who will pretend to not care (when they will be happiest ones), some who will not be happy and some who will be indifferent (they dont plan to stick around in the company for very long anyway).

This is the story about 2 people: X and Y. Both are equally talented in almost the same fields.
X is modest and works because he likes the work. He does not care about credit. He is nice to talk to and is appreciated by most of the people. Some people to try to use his innocence and talent. He is not very good with deadlines but his work is good. I will not call his work perfect, but he has a passion for it and puts his heart into it. He goes out of his way to help people sometimes. I will not call him the most reliable soul, though.
Y meets deadlines and works well. He is a professional who delivers... but he comes at a price; a huge price. He will charge you for every sentence he utters. He tries to sell his work to everyone. He is very good at manipulating people and has an enormous ego. His work is usually perfect.

Which of the above 2 people would you like to work with personally?
Which of them do you think will be more successful professionally?