Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hello.... It is a beautiful, beautiful day. Yesterday I was in college for 11 hours straight (I am so proud of myself). Actually, I have a quiz tom... have to read 70 pages and I didnt want to leave it for the last moment. I have sworn on my lappie;

"In the 2nd year I shall not leave anything until the last moment... excepting the report, the assignment, the ppt and a few others"

Well... anyway, and then I returned at 8 pm and thought to myself;

"Now I shall have yummy dinner, relax and fall asleep while watching friends... AAH, I deserve it"

But guess what, I return back and realise that I have left my keys in the room and my roomie is in college. Usually she is back early but yesterday (of all days), there was no way she could return before 11 pm. So, this is what I did
  • Talked on the phone (Aah... technology is a blessing... my life would be empty without it)
  • Had dinner (was so depressed... I had chicken to cheer me up)
  • Distributed Business World to everyone's rooms (I had nothing better to do... 'N' was so surprised to see me... I never go to her room... she almost fainted with shock)
  • Made a few (a lot) of changes in my blog.... forgot to save the customisations I had made in the previous template and had to add the code for it all over again... Did I say I love technology?
  • Finally, when I could not keep my eyes open any longer, I went to A's room and was drifting off to sleep when roomie (the angel) arrived and carried me back.. even though A didnt want me to leave

And then finally... finally... I fell asleep while watching 'Friends'. The past few nights I have not been able to sleep before 2 or 3 am... Even if I fall asleep, some phone call wakes me. So last night was heaven and I didnt even have to keep the alarm because I didnt have classes in the morning... Yippie!!! I felt like I was in heaven (well, almost... ).

So, guess what time I woke up today??? 8.45 am... yes, 8.45 am...

H was bored and messaged me: Morning. What you doing?

Now, I cannot go back to sleep once I have been woken up in the morning and I wanted to murder him...

Me: Still in bed. Plz get a life!!! Why are you up soo early?

H: Well, I just went to the gym.

Me (in the most grumpy tone): You are a mean mean mean bad bad boy. Sob... Sob... Sob...

H: Anyway, I am sleepy... will msg you later

Me: What the ****... you *****.... ******* Why did you even wake me??? you *******....

H: Umm... well, bye.

So here I am... up since 8.45 am.. watching friends... and blogging about nothing at all....