Friday, August 04, 2006

Arts and Aesthetics Forum
Ok... Ok... dont start groaning... I know I am obssessed with AAF. I would drive H mad with plans for AAF during MIP.
Me: You know this year all cultural activities should be organized by AAF.
H: Shut up.
Me: You think a lot of people will turn up for "kite-making" workshops?
H: Shut up
Me: We need a new logo. I dont understand what the current one symbolises
H: Shut up
Me: I like the tag line though.. pretty original. Arun conceived it.
H: Shut up
For the uninitiated, AAF is the best thing that has happened to me at TAPMI. It is a forum which was created to encourage creativity at TAPMI.... AAF is supposed to be the fourth dimension of TAPMI. Apart from organising cultural activities and a drama competition called 'Dionysia' (it is the flagship event).... AAF puts up creative contributions from students on the fortnightly wall magazine called 'Srijan'.
When I stepped into TAPMI, I was fascinated with Srijan and wanted to see my poem up there... but I thought there is a selection process and none of my poems would stand a chance (they are all soooo kiddish). I wanted to contribute the poem under 'anonymous' but Arun wouldnt allow that.
So, I applied to AAF even though I was not sure what it was all about. The members of AAF were Arun, Saikat and Shake while the ex-AAF member was Biplab. Saikat and Arun had seen me working during Episode.... anyway, this is how the interview went.
Them: Hi
Me (nervous): Hi
Them: Introduce yourself
Me (I hate hate hate hate this question): blah.. blah... intelligent.. smart.. beautiful... lucky to have me
Shake: Do you know my name?
Me: yes... Shake
Shake: Where did you hear it?
(His team won Episode.. so the correct answer should have been.... At valley led the team to victory... I am soo impressed with you)
Me: Ummm... I heard someone call you in the canteen today
Shake (wanting to kill me): Define a particle
Me (what the f****!!!): Umm... blah.. blah... undefinable
Shake: What is infinity?
Me (Help!!!!): blah... blah... blah...
Shake: Do you know the name of our flagship event?
Me: nope
Shake: Do you know the name of the wall magazine?
Me: nope
Arun: Do you have any suggestions for improving AAF?
Me: nope
Them: Ok, thanks... you can leave
So, you can imagine my surprise when I got selected. I was not very happy initially... and it got worse when the seniors forgot to invite me for the AAF party. They sent a message through the other members... and I was hurt.. so, I did not turn up. I had made alternate plans anyway.
The first event was Swar Sandhya organized on Independence Day with Musiccom. AAF was responsible for the promotions.... we had to paint posters and put them up on the notice boards.... now, neither of us are painters and we were scared shit. Somehow, we begged people to help us out and till the last moment we were doing damage control.... we thought the senies would freak out at the shoddy work... specially since Saikat is an amazing painter... but guess what, they actually applauded our efforts. I did not miss even one AAF meet after that... I really enjoyed them...
  • Arun was always in a hurry.. rushing to meet Riya
  • Saikat was the silent and gold-hearted guy who appreciated everyone
  • Shake always had some criticism to offer... and loved to pull our legs with the so-called-latest (non-existent) guys in our life.

Since we were one person short, we wanted a painter to join. S volunteered... initially, he didnt turn up for the meetings... some of his hilarious excuses:

  • I got drunk last night (by 9 pm)... would you want me to come drunk for the meeting? I am a professional
  • I was in the lib only... I was studying... and I lost track of time. I realised one hour later about the meeting (meeting was in the lib basement)
  • I have to go for a smoke.... will be back in 5 mins... (no sign of him after that)

The Srijan update was left to us after the first few months... I would msg the senies to inform them:

Me: Hi... Srijan has been updated. Comment, crib... criticise.

Arun: Damn good job... you guys rock. Keep it up!!!

Me: Arre yaar, bolne se pehle dekh toh liya karo

Arun: C'mon... we trust you guys to come up with the best

Me (to myself): Yippie!!!

Before leaving, the seniors transferred the legacy of AAF (paints, sketch-pens, glitter, papers, budget, mission and vision statement) to us. It was a proud moment.

This year, we received very few interested applications for AAF from the junies. And none of us were sure about how to judge a person on the basis of one interview...

So, the following desperate call was made to Arun.

Me: Arun... I need help. AAfF interviews tom.. kya kare? First tell me, how did you select me??? My interview was pathetic.

Arun: Dont even ask about the interview. We were so disgusted. But then all the other candidates dropped out and we were left with the 3 of you... isliye le liya.

Me (horrified): Kya?

Arun: Aur nahi to kya... no other committe or fora would have taken you. Be grateful. Dekh interview mein ask questions like "define a particle, infinity.. what is creativity.. " Give them words and ask them to say whatever comes to their mind first... like,

Say, red... if banda says apple... take him in.. but if he says doctor.. throw him out.

Me: You are kidding right

Arun: No ways... it worked for us.. hehehehe. Best of luck!!!

Best thing about AAF:

"What you can do at AAF is only limited by your imagination"