Friday, July 28, 2006

In my first year at TAPMI, my room overlooked the Basket-ball court. Every morning I woke up to the sight of hunks playing with balls… When some celebrities turned up, my window turned into a theatre… All the girls brought popcorn and a sense of humour.
This year (2nd year), I have been shifted to another room. Every morning I wake up to heaven. Below is the view from my window.

My room is one of the most messy ones.... not coz I am not organized, I am... but for short periods. I have these cleaning spells when I clean everything I can lay my hands on... while there are days when my room is littered with dirt. My roomie is accomodating and has no problem living with such a split personality.

In the first year of Engg exams, I was so busy burning the midnight oil, I had no time to do anything else... (thats why never ever procrastinate). I used to sleep on the floor coz my bed was full of books.

This is the scenario at home:

Mommy: Guddu, plz empty your bags and settle your stuff in the cupboard. It is lying all over the house.

Me: Why, Mommy? When I leave home, I will have to pack it in the bags again. I might as well leave them there.

Mommy: This is not your hostel, it is a home and it is my home... so, lady, empty your bags NOW.

Me (afraid): OK, Mommy.

My room: It looks a little clean coz today is one of my cleaning days:

A lot of girls have put up curtains, hangers, doormats etc in their rooms to make them homely and comfortable... but we don't bother. For us this room is temporary and we treat it as such.