Monday, July 31, 2006

Well... since the junies have come... a lot of "fishing" has been going on. One amazing fact is that the no. of committed people at beginning of year = no. of committed people at the end oy year.. despite all the break-ups and make-ups. What happens is that the committed people (with bf/gf outside B-school) find other bf/gf out here and the no. remains the same. This isnt the rule, just an observation; while single people remain single (mostly).
There are a few junies (committed ones) who are hitting on the senie girls... This is how it goes:

Z: Hey, you were looking very attractive today.
Me: Thanks buddy, but are you sure you have the correct number?
Z: Aah, you are so modest..
Me: Not really... I just know who and what I am
Z: Am I allowed to flirt with the team leader?
Me: Nope, if you were in another team I would get you disqualified
Z: Hehehe... you are sweet and really cute
Me (really irritated now): Ok, buddy.. even if I am the last girl left on this planet, don't flirt with me... I dont like it
Z: C'mon, I am not flirting... I just find you interesting. Your attitude tells me you are single and you are an introvert... and you have a lot of depth
Me (to myself): How does he know that? Is it possible we have a connection? Wait, how can I be this stupid... it is just a line.
Me (to him): Thanks... but whats your zodiac sign?
Z: I am a cancerian... What about you?
Me (freaking out now... I have a bad history with cancerian guys... there has been a pattern with them and I have promised myself I will keep away from them... NO MATTER WHAT!!! )
Me (to Z): I am a gemini... and I kindof figured out you are a cancerian.. the sweet talk and everything makes it obvious.. and I stay away from Cancerians.. so, buddy.. stop the flirting.
Z: C'mon, now you are insulting me. I have an affinity for geminis.
Me (to myself): I am sure you do.
Z: I just want to spend some valuable time with you.
Me: Buddy, by any chance if you are asking me out... I aint interested.
Z: Why not?
Me: Coz I dont have a reason to go out with you
Z: C'mon.... we are friends
Me: Nope... not yet
Z: Your eyes are like a lush green medow... blah.. blah..blah
Me: If that is a poem you want to put up on Srijan... plz mail it across to AAF
Z: That is a tribute to all the fair ladies
Me: then msg it to the "fair ladies"... why are you clogging my cel inbox?
Z: Lady, you are very rude at times and I have no desire to flirt with you. I will not bother you again.
Me (to myself.. relieved): Yippie!!! He better keep his word...

Next day:

Roomie: Hi, guess who is Z's next target?
Me: Want me to name all the 29 senie girls (excluding me) or will you tell me?
Roomie: Me
Me: Best of luck... lady...

Blatant flirting is not cool... especially when you are committed... so, stop making a fool of yourself... that is a genuine plea.