Thursday, August 03, 2006

People who know me (and I mean, really know me) say that I have been pampered as a kid.... which is a surprise since my parents were quite strict when I was young (they have mellowed down now). I like to have my way. Even my Mommy says that, but she refuses to take responsibility for it. Well, the person to blame is my elder Sis... yep, she is the one at fault. She is one of the warmest Leos I have ever come across.
When I was in the 2nd std, I joined Sophia, a convent boarding school. My sis was a senior there and quite popular too. I didnt cry when mom and dad left... I was happy to be with my sis. At night, as I lay on my bed in the large dormitory I heard girls whispering to each other in English.. I didnt understand a word of what they spoke, but I remember thinking to myself; "Soon, I will know what they are yapping away to glory... soon". But things didnt turn out too well, I was always ill and homesick. I was shifted to my sis's dormitory so that she could take care of me (it was an unprecendated move in the history of Sophia). Some of my fav memories are:
  • I hated milk and when I was ill, my sis drank the milk or disposed it in the loo. It was quite fun, for me atleast.
  • I used to cry in my sleep because I missed home. My sis would make me promise I wouldnt cry, but I never listened... this is what she said once; "I have magic powers. I can become invisible and enter closed doors. If you cry at night I will know because I will be watching you all night". I believed her and didnt cry that night because I thought she was standing there and watching me.
  • During my 11th, I could not get the hang of matrices. I was so frustrated, I just kept cribbing. Due to her classes, she was too busy to help me out. She woke me up at 6 am and taught me the entire chapter and said this; "Look there is no point in cribbing. You have to do it, you dont have an option. You might as well as do it well". I say the same to people who crib.
  • During my bro's vacations, he had to start his studies for the next school year so that he wasted less time watching TV. My sis would teach him and then take his test. She prepared wierd question papers... long and dreary. Once the paper was sooo pathetic, my brother stared crying when he saw it. Thankfully, she has not taught either of us after that.
  • She was my best friend when I shifted to A'bad. I was too busy with studies (wanted to be a doc just like my dad) to make friends or hang out with them. My sis always dragged me into civilisation. We always fought when we had to eat out. I used be the home-bound kinds. I prefered it if we got the food delivered at home... while my sis loves to paint the town red.

Everything changed when she got married and left for the USA. I lost my best friend.... and nobody can even remotely replace her.