Sunday, July 16, 2006

I want to dedicate this post to one of my (many) best friends, Jiny. When we met 5 yrs back, I found her a little wierd. Actually, the feeling was mutual (yep, I am wierd). Anyway, since we were in the same college and the same hostel... we got talking. The conversation began at 9 pm and lasted till 6 am the next day. We have been damn good friends ever since. She has given me one of my fav nicknames, Sunshine. I dont know what I did to earn it... but it has stuck (only between the two of us). We have had our share of ups and downs... but our friendship has survived it all. There is sooo much to say about her... but words will not do justic to my feelings; so, I shall stop.
I am a senior now and it feels different. I feel wiser (dont take it seriously, it is just a feeling). After leaving TAPMI, Amreetha had scrapped me saying; "Enjoy the college while it is deserted. When you return, there will be strangers milling around". Oh!!! How right she was. As of yet, the juniors are strangers; but I am getting familiar with them.
At times, I feel like our seniors will walk through the doors any moment now. I cant believe they are gone. There will be Vinayak strumming on his guitar (while I beg him to sing for me), SPR with his broken body (last spotted with a broken nose), Arun rushing to meet Riya, Shake commenting on the 'non-existent' guys in my life, Hisham trying to ruin my hair (hated that), APC with his wicked grin.
Well, life moves on....