Saturday, June 24, 2006

Past one year

I am home after a year. Tom I'll leave for Manipal and dont know when I'll be back. A lot has changed. I have changed too. I have gone through a lot, met loads of people, been betrayed and hurt... have gained friends too. It didnt hurt when people I barely knew lied to me and tricked me; but it hurt like hell when my best friend turned indifferent to me. How do people change so much in so little time? I'll never understand that. I am glad I am leaving. After this my life will be so busy, I wont have time for anything else.
I watched Krrish today and it is amazing. It has a touch of Matrix and Spiderman. Kudos to Rakesh Roshan and all the actors in the movie.
Yawn!!! Have to wake up early and finish packing... so, good night!!!