Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I had my MIP (Management-in-practice... another term for summer project) presentation today. I had been dreading this moment for the past few months and it has come and gone. The other day I had requested my groupies to assemble in the canteen to celebrate my B'day. I got dirty looks and A even refused to come. They thought I was treating them in the canteen (not a bad idea). I just wanted to share the brownies Mom prepared for them. Anyway, we gathered in class and started hogging. My other batchmates smelled the food from miles away and rushed to get their hands on some. But my groupies were too smart for them... they finished it all in one go. I have been getting dirty looks since then. A, A and I had our share in the hostel itself. I had to literally hide one piece for H (not that he deserved it... but I am nice).
Hostelites have a different set of table manners altogether (if they can be called that). I have been in a hostel all my life.... so I am fast when it comes to food. Grabbing, snatching etc are second nature to me... actually, to any hostelite. This is how it would go with Mom when I was in the boarding:
Mom: Guddu, do you want biscuits to take to the hostel?
Me (like an obedient daughter): Yes Mommy
Mom: and cakes?
Me: Yes Mommy
Mom: and some namkeen?
Me: Yes Mommy
Mom (exasperated): Do you ever turn down food?
Me: Oh!!! Can I do that? Isnt it rude to do that?
Earlier I could eat to my heart's content and not even gain 1 gm, but that has changed in the past 2 yrs. Now I have to watch what I eat...
Manipal is dead right now. Since MIT students are away, all the shops are closed. It is frustrating. I thought I would treat myself to a good movie after the presentation... but the shop was closed... watched Ice Age 2 again.
Yawn!!! Me going to bed. I had to study Stratgic Management but I'll save it for tom morning or better still tom noon. Procrastination is the answer to any problem.