Monday, June 26, 2006

The Devil is back!!!

I am back at Manipal. I have missed TAPMI so much. The train journey was fine. I had company so time flew by and I even got help with my luggage. I don't remember what I had stuffed in my bag. I have the problem of over-packing (if there is a word like that). I don't like running out of anything, so I tend to pack everything I may need for my stay. We shifted to the 2nd floor of the hostel. The juniors are staying below us. My room is spacious and airy and the view is amazing. Unpacking was a pain, but I finally finished it yesterday.
My friends A and A gifted me Shobha De's book "Spouse", considering the fact that I am nowhere close to getting married (I don't even have a bf)... I was touched. Actually, a month back I had a wierd dream about Shobha (I read her books during my summers)... so, it is a perfect gift. Maybe I could use a few tips from the book.
Our Director adressed us in the morning. He talked about "refocus". It was very encouraging. Until I joined TAPMI, culture was something I associated with society... it was something that holds you down... restricts you. But I was wrong. Organizations have culture. At Taj, the culture is very formal. Everyone treats you with respect. Every B-School has a culture. All of us have blend into the TAPMI culture and our hard-work in our respective organizations is proof of that.
I have my presentation this week, so I need to tie up all the loose ends. Report writing can wait.
I am not even missing home... atleast not yet.