Saturday, December 16, 2006

Exams khatam... Yippie.... Yippie... Yippie. I have not slept well in nights... keep getting these wierd dreams. The other night I dreamed that my family was taken into custody by a Muslim (No, no, I am not anti-muslim...) goonda and we escaped on a boat.... came across a boy who was about to drown and my dad saved him... it was kinda funny. The boat was shaped like a snake... I have a fascination for snakes, dont know why... maybe it is related to my past life (No, no... I dont believe in reincarnation... it is easier to believe that there is only one life to fuck up, I might as well do so royally!!!)

I hate writing exams now... dont see a point. I mean, I know what I have learned, why do I need to give a proof of my learning... I am 23 (and proud of it), for heavens sakes... at this stage in my life if I need someone motivating (using exams as a tool) me to learn, how responsible am I?
During the exam, I compete...
My Aim: To be the first one to finish (Ok, this isnt mandatory) the paper and leave... but someone always beats me to it. When I dont achieve the first spot, I aim for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th... meaning, my writing goes all crawly and unreadable while I count how many people have left... and try to beat the rest.

I am supposed to catch up on my sleep... but sleeping during the day, it feels like a waste of time... So, right now listening to amazing amazing music... chatting with an acquaintance (or rather 'was' chatting until he left for a movie)...

A lot of friends are going through break ups (the phenomenon is perennial).

Me: Another friend is going through a break up
A2: Have you noticed how fast Geminis move on?
Me: Yep... I think thats the best thing to do
A2: M not sure... I mean, what about commitment and promises of forever?
Me: There is no forever and a broken heart just teaches us to stop being foolish and sentimental. Life is too short... If something doesnt work out, I think its his loss... entirely. Have fun and chill.

(Yep... A gnawing at the back of my mind telling me: "What a joke. Have you forgotten how long it has taken you to move on? Stop pretending... Dont you still think about it and get nostalgic? You know life will never be the same... who are you kidding? Who are you trying to fool with the devil-may-care attitude?")

Everytime I come across someone (friend, foe or acquaintance) from the past, I am amazed at the bond shared with him/her. Maybe it is 'coz we have shared the past... in the form of a similar life... same school or same college... It doesnt feel wierd and talking to him/her is so easy.