Friday, December 15, 2006

Congrats, Kadu!!!

I have 2 exams tom and both are very important... got a headache 'coz of staring at the screen all evening... fell asleep at 9:30 pm with hopes of waking up at 11:00 pm, but no intentions of opening the book before 12:01 am... and then this call at 11:38 pm ruined my plans for good:

Kadu: Hey sweetie... you are a saviour. I got placed...
Me: Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod... (I dont remember what I said after this)
Kadu: I am getting paid a bomb for doing what I love to do all night.
Me: (Knowing what a pervert he is, I am getting wierd ideas) But I thought you chat with me
Kadu: Yeah, but in the background I am doing other things like equity research
Me: Oh!!! And I thought what we have is exclusive... damn. Btw, I forgot to say Congrats.
Kadu: Yeah well... thanks... specially for last night. Now I have to come and meet you
Me: Oh, wow... Plz do that.

Kadu is one of my best friends. I last met him in June 2005. That was the first and last time we had gone out and it was wonderful.
Me: Hey honey, I am going out for dinner with Kadu... will be back asap.
Honey: Sure... but gimme the time.
Me: Well, I am meeting him at 7:30... so, I should be back max by 9:30 pm... How long can dinner take?
Hmm... at 11:30 pm
Me (to Kadu): hey, I think I should get back now... I would love to stay and talk all night... but I really have to go.

The best part about the dinner was:
Kadu: Here is something for you
Me (grabbing at the chocolate): Thanks... This is so sweet... and it is Kit Kat, thats my fav. How did you know its my fav?
Kadu: I didnt... I just thought gifting dairymilk is a cliche, so I got a Kit Kat.

I love the internet, it has brought me closer to so many people... but my friendship with Kadu has been really amazing... from acquaintances to best friends (He is my best friend, dont know about the other way round)... all on the net. And finally, everything he has gone through in 1.5 years has been worth it... I am so so so happy for him.

PS: He hates my blog (maybe he reads it secretly), so I will have to come up with an innovative trick to get him to read this.