Monday, December 11, 2006

I have just been reading this person's post on how freaked out he is about marriage @

One of the comments:
Hey well i can relate to what uir going thru..i was in ur state too untill last yr when I got married...but by last yr I seemed quite ready for it..coz I met the right person...guess its all a matter of meeting the right person!
And hey who says u cant go bungee jumping and partyingafter marriage...i have done crazier things after marriage than I said.."its abt the right person"!
All the best!:-)"

Another one says:
" hmm interesting.. How does one ever know who is the right person.. may be Anand can help... And Scary is just one part of it."

I have been wondering how does one know about the "right person"???
We want it all: passion, jokes, understanding, love, looks, sparks, maturity.
Is it possible to get it all? What if we have to compromise on one or more of them? Which one would you compromise on?
I thought I could compromise on understanding... it didnt work...
I thought I could compromise on passion... again, it didnt work.
And now I am confused...
While one part of me enjoys the sense of humor, another part is observing how unemotional he is.
While one part knows he is one person who will be around always, another part is wondering how long my interest in him will last.
While one part is flattered by his attention, another part is noticing how self-centred he is...