Monday, December 11, 2006

I have been thinking of writing about my best buddy for quite some time now, and what better time than now (when I have egg-jams looming overhead... hehehhehe, we engineers never change)... So, spotlight's on my best buddy, actually, she is my twin self.
For the Geminis, you know exactly what I am talking about... but for the uninitiated, every Gemini person is made of 2 people: the twins. Life would be hunky-dory if it were not for the fact that both are opposites... absolute opposites. That explains my confusion, indecision, double-talk, unpredictability.
Anyways, I have 2 twins (I know twins mean 2, but some Geminis have 3 or even 4 twins... ask Linda Goodman if you dont believe me).
I will introduce them: NT (Nice Twin) and ET (Evil Twin).

NT is a nice, docile, sober, garelu, religious person who wants to do good in life. She would not dream about hurting anyone. She is honest, loyal, caring and warm. She is always getting me into trouble with her good deeds and nice ways.

ET is a bitch. She has no principles and morals. She loves to have fun and is used to having her way, even if that is at the cost of someone else. She loves adventure and trying out new things. She only makes friends with people who are cool enough for her... and yeah, she is cool. She is my saviour, the one who gets me out of trouble and is my self defence against the Big Bad World (The song "Its a big, big world" is playing in my head... who is the artist, btw???)

This is a typical scene from their interaction (I would never have dreamed of using such a word before joining MBA... my vocab is completely ruined now):

ET: So, unsexy bitch, whats the plan for today?
NT: Hey, you said the "b" word... We have a date with AJ.
ET: Who is AJ? Wait a min, is he the boring, rotlu guy who calls you at night and does not get off the phone for hours??? How did we end up on a date with him?
NT: Umm... c'mon, dont be so mean... he is going through a hard time and needs a friend. While you were out killing lizards, I said "yes" when he asked me out.
ET: You said "yes"??? What the f***?
NT: I am really sorry.. but I couldnt say "No". I didnt want to hurt his feelings.
ET: What do you mean by "I couldnt say No"???? Just say "No" or "I am busy" or "Some other time" or if worse comes to worse "I have a bf and he wont approve"
NT: Umm... You know I am a bad liar, so I dont even try to lie. C'mon, he might be fun.
ET (looking daggers at NT): Well, then you go... I am not coming.
NT (devastated): What? I cannot go without you... what if he acts funny? What will I do then? Who will take care of me? What if I get bored? You cannot let me go alone... plz plz plz (sobbing now)
ET: Ok, ok.. wipe those damn crocodile tears... you are such a girl. Just 'coz I love you (and that is the only "good" thing about me), you cannot take advantage by turning on those tears. I will come along only if you promise to do as I say.
NT: Anything for you...
ET: We will do one of the following:
Option 1: Not turn up... and when he calls to find out where we are, we will tell him "I am stuck somewhere and cannot make it... sorry, maybe some other time" and there will not be "another time"....
Option 2: Turn up, sit for half an hour... I will ask J to give us a call saying there is an emergency and we have to leave. If we are bored, we leave... if we are not, we stay.
NT: I will go with option 2... that ways, I dont have to lie. I just have to repeat what J tells me on the phone and AJ gets a chance to prove that he is not boring.
ET: Good girl. And after this, I handle the wierdos and jerks and you handle the nice and cute guys. Kapish?
NT: Kapish