Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some sweet moments in this crappy life:

Scene 1: A1's room:

Me: I am so so so so bored... have been reading all day.
A1: Thats why I ask you to attend classes...
Me: Hmm... I feel like the walls of my room are closing in on me... and I am claustrophobic
A1: So, you are bored.. huh??? (with an evil smirk on her face)
(Then I see the oil bottle in her hand.... I was trapped)
Me: Ok, ok... I will apply oil for you... See, this is the Nice Twin... Evil Twin would never have agreed to it.

Scene 2: On GTalk
N.PIR: hey
Me: hi
long time
N.PIR: ya
i hope i am not distubring
Me: no no
too bored with studies
how is work?
N.PIR: awrite
going good
got on today...after a weeks leave...
a little lazy

N.PIR: interestin blog!
Me: thanks
u have not updated urs
N.PIR: am hooked!
ya man
Me: really?
thats nice to know
N.PIR: swear i am
Me: hehheheheh
my day just got good
N.PIR: which group do i fall under ?
Me: hehhehhee
N.PIR: :)
Me: wats PIR?
N.PIR: expect me to be a regular visitor now
Post impletmenation review
Me: wow
N.PIR: thats what my work is
Me: does it mean anything????
N.PIR: honestly NO
just a jazzy name

Scene 3: In my room

A2: Hey, JD is Bhatia or Singh?
Me: I think he is Bhatia
A2: I think he is Singh
Me: Lets check it out... but how?
A2: E-mail, yaar...
Me: Ok, here it is.... Oops, he is Singh Bhatia... Stupid us... We should have bet on it
A2: Yeah, it would be like pari mutuel betting

Scene 4: On Yahoo mssngr
Kadu: You are a sick female... a guy's worst nightmare... one woman catastrophy