Sunday, December 10, 2006

Scene 1: Class room

Me: But Sir, we have placements coming up... Please can you postpone the submissions?
Sir: No... no.... I have already given you guys enough time
Me: But, that will affect the quality of our output? What is the point then?
Me (to JD): Hey, which submission are we trying to get postponed?
JD: I am not sure... but you are on the right track.. keep going
Sir: What do you mean by placement preparation?
Me: Well Sir, we have to prepare a few courses, check out company details, profiles etc. It is a lot of work
Sir: Ok, ok... You can submit the assignment on 28th Dec.
Students: Sir, what about christmas? We will have to work on that day too. Can you postpone it till Jan?
Sir: Hmm... how about 31st dec?
Students: But Sir... New years...
Sir: 28th is the date... Those who dont submit it...
Student: Will get an extension?
Sir: hahahhaha... you guys are funny...