Friday, October 06, 2006

I just spoke to one of my best friends... the conversation is as follows:
Me: Hi.
Her: Hi. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog.... You are such b****. My name comes last??? Even my sis's name featured before me. How long have you known her? Now I have to compete with her?
Me: I am so sorry, but I wasnt thinking like that. She is sweet and she makes me laugh. But you are the one with depth. I have written a poem on you... I cant imagine writing one on her.
Her: That is true... Fine, you are forgiven.
Me: Thank you and as penance, I will put that poem on my blog to declare my love for you... even though it is damn kiddish.
Her: Yeah, do that.

So, here it is... for one of my best friends...

A Refreshing Breeze

You have come into my life like a breeze,
refreshed me by your company,
the darkness by your glow has ceased,
you sure are very funny.

When sad times hit me,
unknowingly you steadied me by your care,
you didnt even charge a fee,
towards me you have always been fair.

I cant bridge the gap between us,
even if I try to do it,
it's because I make a lot of fuss,
whenever I fall in a pit.

You dont know what you are,
or what you mean to me,
from me you remain very far,
though friends we can be.

Dont try to figure out what exactly I mean... only I know that... and some words have been added since they rhyme.