Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I was emptying my carton which was full of the material and books of first year at TAPMI. Here, we do not have semesters, we have themes... 6 in first year and 4 in the second year. Each theme has a name and purpose. Theme 1 is called Unlearning, the objective of which is to make us 'unlearn' everything we have learned. This makes us more receptive and open to the new methods of teaching.
Oh, lemme cut out the Gyaan (Gassss!!!)... theme 1 is chill... no exams, lot of psychological tests, role plays, group bonding, Accounts classes, book reviews... Hectic classes and less assignments. In one of the classes, the rest of the groupies had to give feedback about each person. It was be written on the same piece of paper and we had the option of not writing our names. I came across the paper and this is what each of my groupies had written. I can call it their first impression since this exercise was performed in the first month at TAPMI:

Aashish: "Good, you are flexible and open minded; but find some time for interactions too. Be a bit more social"

Abhinav: "You are a mature lady and understand yourself very well. Just an advice to be more interactive and mix with others"

Abhishek: "You are an awesome person, inspite of being in your own world... ever thought that some people might want to know you better and there is the whole world to conquer; so why limit yourself to a few people? Maybe some people will waste your time, some people will make a BIG change but you have to give them a chance"

Paddy: "Get your life before life gets you. I can see you are ambitious and have goals decided. Work up and concentrate on them and the rest as I can say, 'Future will be history'"

Priya: "You are focused and hardworking. An excellent team player. A very practical person. Maybe you should socialise more. You are indeed charming"

Rohit: "Try to control your temperament, learn to waste some time"

Shakun: "Type of field you are in, learn to waste some time. Sometimes it is helpful"

Yaser: "You tell people the right things at the right time and are not afraid of it; good. Be creative and share your knowledge from books and experience with others. You will be end being more sure and make new friends. Dont think of marriage already. You should try to socialise more often; it is good for confidence and as a stress buster. Cheers!"

I dont think I want to have this session again... I am afraid of what my groupies will have to say now... ;)