Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hiya.... I am in B'glore and I love love love love it.... The convo below will giva ya an idea:

DAY 1:
Me: I love B'glore. I dont understand why you keep cribbing. I mean, I know my travelling time by the time I reach home will be 3 hrs.. but I like it
APC: Thats because you have been here for a few hrs only. Try and do it for 2 months and then tell me if you still like it.
Me: You are right, but I think longer commuting time is becoming a part of life for people staying in the metros. There is no point in cribbing about it. And the weather is sooo beautiful.
APC: That is the only good part about this place.
Me: C'mon, all the buildings and cafes are gr8 yaar.
APC: I am not into architecture.
Me: Arre, neither am I. I am talking about the aesthetics.... it is pleasing to the eye.
APC: Have you seen how many guys have given you looks in the last 15 mins?
Me: Really??? Where? Where? Thats my problem. I dont observe. The love of my life could walk by me and I wouldnt notice. My mind is in the clouds.

I met my best friend and her bf.... They make such a cute couple... I have not met a couple so much in love in a long time (touch wood... and I am not superstitious). When people are in love, you can see it in their eyes and on their face... it is a beautiful sight.

I am a sucker for good conversation... I dont care if the person I am talking to is a jerk, as long as I learn something from/her... The conversation doesnt have to lead to another or to friendship.. I may even forget the person, but I will always remember that I had a good convo. I dont date but I converse. I would go out with anyone once just to get to know him/her better.... to see a different perspective to life and people. I am writing this, because I had such conversation after a long time.
I know Aj for sometime now... we have worked together and he is my friend's good friend.... but today we went to the pub and conversed over his pitcher of beer and my glass of lime soda. Now I see him in a different light...

Day 2:
We (Rohit, Joy and me) met the Director of NAMI (Nodal Association for the mentally ill). He is the only one running the NGO at B'glore. His daughter is ill. She was struck with mental illness when she was 12 and now she is 33. Initially, they (her parents) could not believe it... they tried everything: visited religious places, tried every medicine; nothing worked. Then they came to NIMHANS at B'glore. They were educated about mental illness. It is incurable and can only be managed. We visited a day care centre called Chetana where the mentally ill spend their day and are given vocational training. It is also called "Respite centre" since it gives respite to the guardians/parents of the patients. We also visited Asha which is a place where patients can stay for 6-12 months. The director kept informing us about the illness, the problems faced, the dilemma, its effect on him etc. He was worried about what will happen to his daughter after he passes away, who will take care of her. They survive on his pension, he cannot afford to send her to any of the longterm stay centres since they are expensive. He showed us a card in which his daughter had written how much she loves him. I was on the verge of tears. From 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, I only heard about mental illness. At the end of it, I just wanted to break down and cry.
I made the following desperate call to H:
Me: Hi, wats up?
H: Dont ask. I visited the Old Age home at Mysore and it is so bad. They are staying comfortably but how can children treat their parents like this? There have been instances when the kids dont come to claim their parents' bodies.
Me: Hmmm... I have had a bad day too. I had to visit mentall ill patients. Life is so much more than "my ex-bf has a gf and has been lying to me" or "I screwed up the assignment" or "I am broke". How do we even make such a big deal out of these unimportant things? Any of us could be in the place of the father who has been struggling for 21 yrs.
H: hey... hey... hey. If and when it happens to you, you can deal with it. Why worry now? Who says our problems are minor?
Me: Thats the problem... deal with it when it happens... c'mon, how about doing something for others for a change?
H: You can do it when you have earned enough money.
Me: We always postpone what we want to do. It will be too late later.
H: Then you can do it now... I will wait till I am in my 50s.

When I called my mom, this is what she said:
Mom: The more you see the misery, the more miserable you are going to get.

This is what Jiny had to say:
Jiny: Bul, be glad you have been given this opportunity to make a difference.
Me: I am... but... I dont want it to end at the end of these 10 days. It should continue throughout my life. Otherwise, what is the point?
Jiny: That is even better... you could always donate a part of your salary when you start earning.
Me: Yeah, but then only people who can afford it will derive the benefit. For example, if I donate to NAMI... patients whose parents can afford it will get the benefit... what about the ill people on the streets who are abused daily? They need more help. How can I reach out to them?
Jiny: Hmmm.. you have a point. Right now, focus on organizing the walk and creating awareness.

Day 3:

Brain-storming... blogging... brain-storming...