Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have been missing my best friends a lot these days... they are all away and apart and I rarely get to speak to them. I miss being there for them. I was wondering what makes them my "best friends"... n I have a lot of them. I dont believe in the concept of one best friend. When I am down and need cheering up, I go to Khushi (yeah, I have not told you but you are one of them)... when i need some good, gentle advice; I go to Raman... when I need a wake up call and in-your-face criticism, I go to Monu... when I need to hear stupid jokes which make me laugh, I go to Bug (now he is in USA.. so, inaccessible)... when I need someone to sweet talk me, I go to Fauntleroy (thats not the only reason I chat with u)... when I need a hug, I go to Honey... n these are only a few of them... there are more... I am in touch with some and not in touch with others.... but they will always occupy a special place in my heart and life... because they are my family...
So, here is a list of things which makes them my "best friends"... the list aint exhaustive...
  • They never ever judge me... I have done the worst things in my life... I have been selfish, critical, stupid, careless,disloyal... and yet they never ever categorise me. I am always accepted.
  • The silences are never uncomfortable with them. I can share silence... I dont have to talk.
  • I can tell them about the littlest things in my life... they may get bored, but they will listen.
  • They understand me. The word "understand" is such a cliche. Everyone uses it anywhere. Well, these friends actually understand me... and if they dont, they make sure I make them understand me.
  • They never say "I know you".... I hate people who say that... How can anyone know me when I am a mystery to myself.... when I am always changing and doing the unexpected...
  • They are not stingy with hugs and sweet words... I am pampered with them.
  • They make me laugh... somehow, I can laugh at their stupidest jokes.
  • I am honest with them.. yep, no lies... ok, maybe sometimes... but the truth always comes out... it has to... I am a bad liar.
  • They are my worst critics... tell me like it is when I need to hear it...
  • Fights with them never last... even when we are mad at each other, we know this friendship is never going to break... it is for life.
  • I can cry on their shoulder everyday if I want to and they will never get tired or bored with me.
  • I have as much priority as their bf/gf in their life... I will never be shirked because of them.
  • I trust them.. blindly.
I guess I have not missed out on anything... I hope not.