Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ok.... This post is not for the faint-hearted or for people under 18 yrs. Girly talk at its best (or should I call it worst)... My friends will kill me for this, but I will hazard the risk.
Let me introduce the characters first
Honey: My best friend... the only one who can beat me at jungli-panna... She has broken up with her bf recently and is planning his murder.
SS: I have not met her since 10th std. I met her online after a long, long time today.
This an excerpt from our conversation... and it is uncensored (most of it)...

Honey: Hi, how are you? I m fine... doing architecture
SS: what happened to aeronautical engg? I wanted to do archi soooo bad, but my mom wanted me to be a dentist.
Honey:hehehe yeah fucked that up completely wasted a year and got into archi. basically its five years of complete fun.
SS: i think it is creative... just right for u
Honey: thanks man...but really im not sure i want to practise it
me:i m doing some dumb mba... dont even remember how i got here. I am here for the money. I wanted to be a journalist.
SS: we are all here for the money.
Me: lets stop the sob stories... m getting senti.... sob sob
ss: ritu is a journalist. she is married to her best friend of 8 yrs. she got wat she wanted.

Me: i need a new hot guy best friend
honey: yeah i want a rich that i can have gud books all day... design some crap once in a while and go places
me: me too... me tooo
ss: god, honey that doesnt sound like u
me: that is soooo honey.... greedy and money minded
honey: m not greedy... u r the ugly one
me: no problem... too many pretty people on this planet anyway
ss: stop abusing each other. i m in my final year of bds... will be a dentist soon.
honey: cool... i have 5 shitty teeth. by the way, i have a crush on buls
ss: really? i didnt know i had lesbian friends.
me: honey, cheapo.. leave her alone. it is not a crush.... we are lovers...hehehehhe.
honey: i need u desperately ss.... meet me
me: stop freaking her out... she will run away
ss: oh my god. i m going crazy. wats wrong with ur teeth?
honey: cavity... addicted to chocolates and hate brushing... all because of divya, she destroyed my principles?
me: chill, we are both straight. wat principles? the ones u acquired in 1885? she is yuck... eats without brushing
ss: i am having serious doubts about the 2 of u
honey: divya is married. when i asked her about how her guy is doing... she kept talking about her dog instead. it was hilarious. i so want to get married but guys are assholes.
ss: u r so right. where do u find a decent guy?
me: hmmm.... i smell the scent of my fav topic in the air.... bitching about guys
honey: guys make me feel sick when they start thinking they r gods. trust me they r all the same
me: thats not true... even though i have never come across one... i m hoping there are decent ones out there
ss: but don worry we will find the ones that r not the kind
honey: i dont want to grow old hoping... if there is someone out there he better come fast. im not waiting too long
me: arranged marriage is always an option.... not for me though... i'd rather die alone
honey: no arranged marriage
ss: no way
honey: i' d rather get married to bul... hehehhehe
me: (blush... blush)
ss: wat about me?
honey: u want 3some?
me: we can all get married... it will be like we are back in sophia (our convent boarding all-girls school) again
ss: i am not into marriage.. so its ok
honey: i miss school
ss: me 2
me: me 3
honey: lets meet up somewhere
me: i m going to kerala in march... lets go together
ss: have u been to any discs?
me: nope
honey: she does not know how to enjoy herself.
ss: bul, thats sad
honey: she is too shy to even dance
me: arre yaar, that was a year back... dont care anymore. but i m off parties after a crap incident occured little more than a month back
ss: you have to go with the right company. dont let things like that intimidate you.
honey: yeah, we r living with losers at rajkot and manipal... wat say, bul
me: hmm... true. but this a b-school... guys aint supposed to get this indecent.
ss: hey, noopur is working as an air hostess
me: i wanted to be an air hostess.
ss: ok, i have to go... honey, keep in touch
me: she wont bother... dont believe her
honey: dont believe this fatso...
me: oye, who u calling fatso?
ss: love u guys
honey: yeah... love u too... i like the flesh... now there is more of u to love
me (puking): blush... blush... blush