Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I have been wandering around the blogosphere. It is a nice place. I get to know various people.. their feelings, aspirations etc without being friends with them or telling them anything about myself. Everyone at one point of time or other dicusses religion. With religion, it is like... you can love it or hate it; but you cannot ignore it.
My first stint with religion was when I joined Sophia. It is a convent boarding school. We prayed all the time... before b'fast, before school, after school, before lunch, before evening studies, after evening studies, before going out for walks (so that no harm would befall us on the way), before going to bed.... I dont feel guilty about not praying anymore... I have reached my quota for this lifetime. I didnt understand the prayers... they came to me mechanically... they still do.
When I left school, I was staying with my parents (at home). They are staunch Hindus. They wanted me to pray everyday and chant "Om" like they do. Now I am a very flexible person but I dont like to be forced into anything. So, I rebelled (I was a teenager then... it came naturally to me).
I stopped praying after that... because I wanted the freedom to pray the way I was comfortable with.
That does not mean I dont believe in God. I do... but I dont believe in idols. I believe in the Supreme power... a power which guides us, which has a plan for us.
But "God only helps those who help themselves".
If I dont take any steps towards my destiny, it'll never be fulfilled. This prevents me from being complacent.
Sometimes I can feel that power in music, in poetry, in people, in nature.
Another amazing thing is how there is a plan for each one of us. Everything happens with good reason. Like, there is a reason I came to TAPMI... I realised it after a year... after I noticed the changes me... in my life.
We meet people and drift apart... Everyone in our life is there for a reason, a purpose. They leave once their purpose is fulfilled.