Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hello.... This post does not have a common thread running through it. These are some of the thoughts I have had in the last few days:

The other day this is what a friend said to me about her bf;
"He is not the perfect guy but he is a perfect guy for me"
Wise words and so true. Sometimes I look at wierd guys with smart girls and vice-versa and wonder (dont we all???); "What are they doing together?" I guess, they complement each other. If this is the way it is supposed to be, I need an absolute saint to complement me.

Something I realised about "Friends". After Ross and Rachel break up, Ross moves on. He falls in love, gets married, gets divorced and in the end goes back to Rachel (for the beginners... sorry for ruining the suspense *sarcasm*). But Rachel does not find anyone... sure, she dates men but she does not fall in love with anyone (Joey does not count.. she was only attracted to him)... Why doesnt she move on? Is it because the director is a MCP? Is it because when it is over, it is definitely over for a woman? So, if Rachel had moved on, there would be no future for Ross and Rachel? I hate the episode where they both break-up. I think both are right (yes, "technically" they were on a break and yes, Rachel had every right to feel devastated).

Ok, there is a difference between falling for a guy and wanting to be with him. I would never want to be with a guy I fall for... simply because, the guys I fall for add some spice and excitement in my dreary life and the guy I want to be with is the one I love and want to spend my life with. I may never even talk to the guy I fall for.... Yeah, I am wierd. So, here is what makes me fall for in a guy:
  • Good talker: He does not have to be a sweet talker, but if he talks well I will definitely fall for him... no matter what. During my CAT preparation, there was this guy in my GD group. I was doing fine till he joined my batch. After that day I did not speak even once during the GDs... I loved to hear him talk and hated it when anyone interrupted him.
  • Good sense of humour: I love guys with a good, mean, tongue-in-cheek and blunt sense of humour. I love it when he teases me and cracks jokes on me. And it only adds to the charm if he laughs at my jokes (and understands them).
  • Chance-pe-dance: I love guys who can flirt.... not blatant flirting, but those who can grab the opportunity and flirt subtely. Ooh, that is so irresistible.
  • Geeks: Yep, I love geeks. Even if they dont possess any of the above skills, but are geeky... I find them cute ("cute" for me has nothing to do with looks).

We analysed a case on Terry's in Brand Management today and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes the cases go over my head because I cannot relate to them. I really wonder how people work in companies whose products they dont use or like. I would love to join Nestle, Cadbury's, L'Oreal, Pepsi etc because I love their products. I would never be able to relate to customers of companies like Infosys or TCS... they are great companies but I dont see myself using their products.

We are all enjoying 2nd year a lot. Now 1st year made us disciplined and helped us manage time blah... blah... blah... but we had to study courses we didnt care about. But now there is a sense of responsibility. Since I have selected the courses, I will be the only one responsible if I dont learn anything. So, I try and do the pre-reads, analyse cases, work sincerely on assignments (I did that even in the 1st year... but... now I love and enjoy doing it).