Thursday, August 17, 2006

I came across the website of the NGO CUPA which works for animal welfare. I love animals... not just pets, but animals. I have never had a pet because:
  • my parents dont like pets. They think they are high-maintenance
  • I have never really stayed at home... and there is no way my mom will take care of an animal
  • my house is on the 2nd floor... so, pets are not a very practical option

But over the years I have had my own tryst with animals... and when we live in India... we can love or hate animals... but there is no way we can ignore them.

  • When I was a kid, I went boating with family and friends at Nakki Lake at Mt. Abu. We had bought some powder to feed the ducks and swans. I put the powder on the tip of my finger and offered it to the duck. The duck bit me (if I can call it that). I burst into tears. My uncle then demonstrated. He put the powder in the palm of his hand and fed it to the duck without any hassles. Common sense, I guess.
  • When I was in the 1oth std, I came across a baby bird fallen from its nest. The nest was destroyed in the rain and the mother was nowhere to be seen. So, Sally and I took charge of the bird. We fed it water and tea through soaked cotton. We didnt leave it alone for one moment. A small shelter was built for it. At night I kept the baby in my locker. It was very, very cold that night and I was afraid to leave it outside. The locker was well-ventilated... but it died at night. Sally and I buried near the grotto (beneath Mother Mary's statue). I have even written a poem on the bird...
  • To date 3 wounded and sick pigeons have landed at my home. I tried to feed them but they died... (no, I did not poison them).
  • At my nani's house, the street dogs are an integral part of the family. I have grown up with them. It was always a time for excitement when one of the bitches gave birth to a litter of pupies. We would feed them, play with them, make shelter.... despite my nani's warnings. Grown-ups are spoil sports when it comes to animals...

"Dont let them in. They will dirty the yard. Dont touch them. You will fall ill. Guddu, how can you let it lick your toes? That is soooo disgusting. Dont feed them."

  • When I was in engg coll, we found a puppy in the hostel which was abandoned by the bitch. We fed it milk and water. It was too young to eat anything. After a few months, it disappeared. We assumed it had found new friends. Then one fine day, it entered our lives again. Initially, the other girls would drive it away but when I told them it was the same puppy... it was given royal treatment.
  • In my 3rd year of engg, the bitch gave birth to 4 puppies. Since it was monsoon, we made a shelter for them out of cardboard boxes. Taking care of them was tricky because the bitch snarled at us everytime we approached the puppies. 2 of them died, 3rd fell off the stairs and the bitch hid the 4th one near the terrace.
  • When I went to Singapore last year, outside Underwater World, a guy was charging $5 for clicking a pic with his python. I was teasing my mom and asking her to go for it. She challenged me instead. Well, now I cannot resist a challenge... so, I went for it. I clicked a pic with the python around my neck and both my hands supporting it. That is one of my biggest achievements.. too bad I cannot put it on my cv.
  • I find snakes very fascinating... I dont know why. I watch every programme on snakes on Discovery and National Geographic. I dont flip the channel even during break, incase I miss something. Snakes are sexy... mysterious and dangerous.

Maybe some day when I end up alone, I will have a snake as a pet.. now that would be fun.