Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ok... I am tired, sleepy and completely exhausted... but I cant sleep... so, here I am blogging away to glory (yeah, I come up with the wierdest reasons to blog).
My dummy project was about married couples... so, now I can walk marriage, talk marriage, eat marriage, read marriage (like Amitabh says in Amar Akbar Anthony) and as my best friend sweetly calls me "mentally married fellow".
I have been thinking and brain-storming a lot these days... and I have come up with a list of "desirables" (not mandatory) in my hubby.

  • Has to be my best friend or atleast strive to be my best friend
  • Should have a sense of humour. Humour is the biggest turn-on.
  • Should love me. Yeah, it isnt the first priority... because love can always develop.
  • I should find him attractive... this is again something that can be worked on...
  • Should be willing to cook and clean and share all the household responsibilities... I aint going to wash his clothes if he is not willing to wash mine
  • Should be committed... to me, to his family, friends, work etc (not necessarily in that order)
  • Should be good with kids. This is very imp coz I am not sure how great I will be with them. I dont think I will be able to discipline them and will probably be one of those overly permissive mothers.
  • Should respect my family... if he wants me to respect his family
  • Should be a good friend (not only to me)... I hate guys who dump their friends because of their gf. I would walk out on such a guy.

Yeah, I guess that is about it. See, I dont expect much.

Yesterday was Janmasthmi. In Gujarat, temples are decorated for a week before Janmasthmi. (Yeah I visit the temple when I am not forced to do it... I am one of those people who will never do anything they are asked to do... ). Everyday the decorations are changed. One day it is balloons, another day it is dry fruits, next day it is flowers.... but everyday it is beautiful. I still remember how I loved to swing baby Krishna. Since the temple would be crowded, Dad would guide my hand towards the swing and I would get a feeling of accomplishment.

Aah... the simple pleasures of childhood!!!

Last year, on 15th August, I attended Swar Sandhya. It is a musical evening organised by AAF and Musicom in TAPMI. It was amazing. I was looking forward to it this year, but I missed it because of my project even though I am part of AAF... It was my loss entirely.