Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today was an amazing day and I am feeling nostalgic. No, I am not missing school days or home or even engg days. I am missing TAPMI seniors. I met some of them today and it brought back so many memories. Every meeting was fun with them. I worked with them in AAF, Update, BrandScan, Atharva etc. Some of them were amusing, some nice, some protective, a few broke my heart.
Convocation was a sad day for us as juniors. The seniors looked happy and sad. They were bidding us good-bye, introducing us to their family, hugging each other and making plans for the hols that lay ahead. We just watched them with a heavy heart. Thankfully, I had work to do and I missed most of it. A friend left without even meeting me. He called me later to apologise. Few weeks back he told me he left because he couldnt say Good-bye. I understand. I hate good-byes too. And now I dread my convocation. How will I say Good-bye? How will I explain to my parents why I am crying and what TAPMI means to me? How will I leave?
I have never visited my school again because I dont want to come to terms with the fact that it has changed... that I am no more a part of it. I didnt even visit my engg college even though I passed by it this time. I didnt meet some of my friends because the memories hurt... because I crave for the old days.
Will we form the same bond with the juniors like we did with the seniors? I dont know about the others... but I have not managed to do that. Maybe last year, I was eager to make friends... I had time for other things... academics were not my first priority. Now I have become disillusioned with people... with friendships... with the games... I interact with people I work with.. keep to myself... sometimes, I dont even have anything to talk. And I wonder how did the seniors manage to break the barriers, bring down the walls, find the time to interact with us... despite the hectic schedule.
I miss you guys.... a lot. I am looking forward to Homecoming... for a weekend with you.