Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally, my report is done. You can get a peek at it on 31, August in TAPMI Library.
The past few days I have been watching movies all the time:

1. Elizabethtown:
I had read the review on someone's blog (I forget who). It is nice, simple and romantic... my fav lines from the movie:
Guy: I am not used to girls like you... (It struck a chord coz.... well, I am hoping someday someone will say that to me... guys do say it to me; but it means : "yeah, I am not used girls like you... You are a girl, arent you?)
My fav scene is one in which the guy and girl are about to kiss... and then they dont, because they like things the way they are. A kiss could spoil it all...
And of course, I love the way they talk on the phone all night... I love all-night conversations.

2. In her shoes:
This is one lame movie. I dont understand why Hollywood actresses settle for such crap roles. Cameron is potrayed as a bimbo in the movie... she is strutting around in skimpy clothes. I know the role demands it, but...
When I watched Terminal few months back, I was disappointed that Catherine had such a menial role. She is so talented.

3. Monster-in-law:
Jennifer should stick to singing... she over-acts and it is so irritating. Please avoid this movie at all costs if your sense of humour is like mine.

4. Jism:
I had heard a lot about this movie. The cast is pathetic. Bipasha with her husky voice drives me mad... but to her credit, I dont think any actress has as much sex appeal as she does. John cannot act, but his sexy bod makes up for it (atleast in this movie). The movie is ok kinds... I guess the hype is because it is the first time raw passion has been potrayed in a commercial movie.

5. Fire:
I love this movie. People label it as a lesbian movie, but it is soooo much more. It is about desires, tradition, love, need, hypocrisy etc. I especially like the way the relationship between Radha and Sita (Deepa Mehta could have avoided these names) has been potrayed... the tenderness, compassion, blend of new and old. Sita with her open mind frees Radha... while Radha provides her with the love she was craving for.

6. The devil wears Prada:
I dont think many of you must have heard about this movie. It is based on a book. I had read the book years ago (and it is one of my favorites).. no, no, it isnt intellectually stimulating or anything... it is a fun, girly book. The movie is great too. It is about a girl (Anne Hathway) who ends up working for a fashion mag under an impossible-to-please boss (Meryll Streep). She has to stick around for a year if she wants her dream job but ends up losing a lot.. friends, bf etc. The end is different in the book... and Anne's bf in the movie is HOT.

7. Earth:
Another of my fav movies. I dont think I need to comment on it... songs are good too. It is based on the book "Ice-candy Man" by Bapsi Sidhwa. The book does not end where the movie does.

Movies playing in my room this week:

  • Pirates of the Carribean 2
  • Munich