Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hi. Life is about moving on, about changing.... A rolling stone gathers no moss. When you become stagnant, life passes you by. Today I have made a decision... a decision to quit AAF. By the time I publish this post, I will have communicated the decision to everyone concerned. I quit because I am stagnating. I have learned everything that I could... there is no more value addition for me. I will miss it.. a lot... but I had joined it for the creative aspects... now, I am mostly dealing with the admin work, organizing meetings, delegating work... I am not a good leader, I have never wanted to be one.... the one who takes the initiative deals with all the flak. There are other activities where I am taking the lead.; but that is because there is still something left to learn. I spoke to my senior before making the decision... he suggested an alternative, he asked me to wait and watch... but I am not a patient person... I am impulsive... most of my decisions are made in seconds and I dont really regret them.
It is time to end the fun and games... specially when I am not enjoying them. It is time to get a bit serious... after all placements are around the corner. I want to concentrate on other things... maybe write a paper or two... I want to make the best use of every opportunity that comes my way and channelise my energy into productive things.
AAF's purpose in my life has been served and it is time for me to let go. I wish I could say it hurts... but it does not. I may miss it (I am not sure). I just feel relieved... I am quite tired... and need a break... so, slowly slowly I am letting go of things in my life which are not important anymore.
I know it is not right to leave things mid way... but I am too practical and selfish to stick around because of principles. My principles change according to the situation.