Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's wifi, baby

It has arrived... finally... I have been waiting for it with bated breath. Everyday my net friends would ask me;
"Yaar kab hum aaram se pehle ki tarah baat karenge?"
My phone bills were huge... but, now I have wifi in my room... YEESSS!!!

I have given up sleep, food, books, studies, friends (A, A and I chat on mssngr.. we stay in adjacent rooms)... I wait to return to my room; so that I can chat and blog and call people on google talk.
Yestarday I downloaded Picasa. It is an amazing software, I have been looking for something like this for a long time now. I hate yahoo photos. Picasa is simple, fun and easy to use... it searched all the image files on my lappie and organized them into folders. I can edit photos, save them, mail them, blog them...

I was pretty down last night... and I need to thank a few people for helping me cheer up:

  • A and A: thanks for giving me space and not trying to get me to talk about it.... for fighting over me (I knew what you were talking about) and making me the LSG (Leader support group)
  • Sphinx: for your encouraging comment you posted... thanks
  • R: thanks for your msg "Good u r not disheartened, it may sound philosphical but its true; when god doesnt give small success it means he wanna give you a big one" (Reference : your mom)
  • APC:thanks for promptly replying to my msg and saying; "It does not have any CV value... trust me"
  • My best friend: thanks for staying up all night talking to me... What would I do without you?
PS: This is in reply to the comment on my previous post: PL is project leader for the market research project. We have a selection process where we have to work on a dummy project, make a report and present it.