Saturday, September 09, 2006

My life is a "Comedy of Errors" and my dumb intelligence only accentuates it... This is what happened in the past few days:

7th Sept:
I realise I do have some free time (or I can get some time free by avoiding work) and I can watch a movie. I have been receiving the reviews of Munnabhai Lage Raho and was pestering A1 and A2.
Me: C'mon... Munnaibhai... plz plz plz... at AdLabs at Mangalore... just imagine we can be among civilisation (TAPMI does not come under "civilisation"), eat edible food (Mess food is not considered edible), we can get out of Manipal (every offence intended)... plz plz... Can we go?
A1: Yeah, lets do that... I am game. But do you think the movie is worth 100 bucks?
A2: Cant yaar... I have a quiz on Sunday at 2 pm.
Me (crestfallen): Ok... :(
So, I decided to watch it on my lappie. I went to the shop and didnt know the name of the movie (no access to tv, newspapers, outside life... I mean, I do have access... I just dont access it). I saw the poster of "Anthony Kaun hai" with Arshad and Sanjay and assumed this was Munnabhai. With glee and anticipation, I started the movie....
  • I didnt find the movie funny at all... but since everyone found it funny, I tried to laugh at all vaguely funny scenes
  • I did not realise this is not Munnabhia till I had watched 3/4 of it
  • Tanuj told me Vidya Balan looks amazing in it... I kept waiting for her to turn up and when she didnt... I was left wondering if I probably didnt recognize her (that was another actress)
  • I kept wondering why Sanjay is calling Arshad "Champ" instead of "circuit" and thought this is part of the plot
Avoid this movie at all costs....

8th Sept:
My group is given 13 questions to work on in our Brand mgmt class... We are alloted less than a day for preparation of the presentation. Since I had to go to Mangalore (have been looking forward to it for days now), A1 has to present it in class. She cribs but then gives in. We work in coll till 11 pm. At 10 pm, Fantasia (a game we play in Distribution mgmt) results are out and I get Jay's results instead of mine. I call the Prof who is nice enough to come to coll and rectify his mistake. I am up till 3 am making an advertisement for Kurlon for brand ppt... I am so proud of it....

9th Sept:
I have to wake up at 5.30 am to complete Fantasia and get dressed in Saree... so, I can leave at 7.25 am for Mangalore... My alarm lets me down (I switched it off in my sleep)... I wake up at 7 am.. finish Fantasia by 7.10 am... and it is 7.35 am by the time I finish bath.... couldnt go to mangalore... attended class and started reading for a class at 3.50... at 2 pm, I realised the class isnt there today.... and so, I slept all day.

The post does not really make sense.... but since I have written it, I will post it