Wednesday, December 06, 2006

kill bill 1+2 in 120 seconds!!!

This is for all Kill Bill fans. I had watched this movie in 2004 on Valentine's day...
Me: Happy Valentine's
Bug: Happy Valentine's
Me: Whats the plan?
Bug: Movie and then I have to go home since mom isnt well
Me: Hmm.. ok. Which movie? It better be good... I cannot watch bad movies in the theatre
Bug: It is Kill Bill by Quentin Tarrantino. Damn good director. You will love it. Loads of violence and stuff
Me: C'mon, it is Valentine's. Can you atleast pretend to be romantic for one day during the year? No violence and all, yaar
Bug: Trust me, you will love it..
Me: How can you be so sure?
Bug: I know you...

Guess wat???? I loved loved loved the movie... It is full of blood, violence... I was on the edge of my seat... The sequel is as good. One of the few movies whose sequel lives upto its expectations. Catch the song "Bang bang" from this movie.