Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wanna watch mindless entertainment? Watch Dhoom 2...

  • Sexy Bips...
  • Sexy Ash (would have preferred Amrita Rao to her... Ash cannot act)
  • Hot, unshaven Abhishek
  • Hot and oh, so sexy Hrithik
  • Irritating Uday
  • Flying stunts (Can be digested if you are a Hrithik fan)
  • Ok kinds script
  • Nothing gr8 songs
  • Undigestable coincidences
  • Amazing smooch of Hrithik and Ash (Why do people talk while smooching in the movies?)
  • Hated it when the bitch, Ash shoots Hrithik
  • Loved it when Hrithik is still alive and as naughty as ever
  • Dont know why they had to show Abhishek in the end, the impact would have been more if they would have left some loose ends
I was supposed to watch it in the theatre, but could not get the tickets... couldnt have been happier. I cannot watch bad movies in a theatre... I have no qualms about sleeping during the movie.
Watch Dhoom 2 at your peril. You wont be missing much if you dont catch it. Hrithik should stick to Rakesh Roshan's movies... I loved him in Krrish.