Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some nightmares are never over. Even when the ghosts are gone, the memories haunt... or maybe news about the ghosts... They may have changed you and broken your spirit... you may have stopped trusting people in general.. you may envy people their devil-may-care attitude... and yet, some or the other incidents keep reminding you about it.... even though all you want to do is forget...
You were not even at fault, unless trusting someone and wearing your heart on your sleeve is a fault.
Life is not fair... We are dragged into situations we have never even dreamed of.
I have hurt someone unconsciously, and as soon as I realized that, I apologized... but yet I am the source of her anger... I understand that she is looking for someone to blame and who better than me? I am a stranger, after all. But what about me? I was dragged between 2 people through no fault of mine... She would have spent her entire life trusting a bastard if it were not for me...
I am glad I did the right thing and it did take a lot of guts. I did it on an impulse... someone tactful or practical would never have dealt with it the way I did. I know I am right and thats all that matters.
I just hope someday when she has come to terms with her pain, she passes the blame to the one who actually deserves it instead of me.