Sunday, November 26, 2006

I watched Sense and Sensibility and loved it... I am a big Jane Austen fan... have read most of her books... my fav is Pride and Prejudice. I love classics; Little Women, Gone with the wind etc. The stories are so real and touching, the characters, so believable. Some of my fav things about classics:
  • The pretty gowns, with corsets and all... It must be quite a bother wearing so many clothes but they look; oh, so awesome.
  • The horses and carriages: love the sound they make, gallop gallop, trot trot
  • The men: the distinguished and good looking men...
  • The dance: it is so wierdly graceful
  • But the best of all: the etiquette, mannners... If I was born in such a world, I would be a complete misfit.
I love Hugh Grant... I love him even when he is acting like a bastard (Bridget Jones Diary), but he is so adorable in the lovey-dovey movies... looks so vulnerable that any woman would love to be in love with him.