Thursday, November 23, 2006

Few weeks back, AS passed me a note:
"Why havent you mentioned about Update on your blog?" I dont usually discuss what I write on my blog, so I didnt reply to the note. Update... Update is the official magazine of TAPMI released during convocation. It covers all the events. Last year, a separate team was formed to bring out the new issue of Update. The team was formed on voluntary basis... the senies were asked to recommend the junies. Shake and Arun were part of the team, they were in AAF and so was I... so they suggested my name. This is how it went.

Shake: I have recommended your name for Update... are you interested?
Me (barely concealing my excitement): Yes... of course... Yippie... cool
Shake: but I am not sure. Dionysia (inter-section drama competition... flagship event of AAF) is coming up and Update requires a lot of work. What if you neglect AAF 'coz of Update?
Me: Never, I wont... I promise. Plz plz let me be a part of Update
Shake: I am warning you.... I am senie, if I think you are neglecting AAF, I can get you kicked out... I will kick your a**
Me: Acha baba, ab dhamkana band karo...

And I was a part of Update. And no, I did not neglect AAF... Update was a test of my professionalism and will power... for very personal reasons. Now I am a senie member of Update... we are a good team... some enthu, some not-so enthu... but everyone is dedicated. We will be recruiting the junies soon... who will take intiative next year.